Bloodshed In Nigeria!

Survivors need our help

January 26, 2010

The homeless and injured need our prayers and compassionate aid as another wave of Muslim/Christian violence sweeps the city of Jos in central Nigeria. Muslims burned churches with worshippers inside. Gun battles kill hundreds. Native missionaries share God´s love and the gospel in a time of terror and crisis.

Jos was once the safest city in all of Nigeria. The name came from Jesus Our Savior, and it was 100% Christian from its beginning. It is the place where, even in the safest of times, almost every foreign missionary who is now in the country stays in big houses surrounded by high walls with watchmen 24/7.

News reports say the violence began when a church was attacked and burned down on Sunday, January 17.

A native missionary points to the ruins of a destroyed church building. Emergency offerings to Christian Aid will help care for many wounded and homeless believers. (CAM File Photo)

The Jos mayhem was very serious. More than 200,000 people are now homeless, and more than 500 people died from the conflict. Muslim youth started by killing people in a church service on Sunday. Then the most terrible thing happened. Those who are Christians in name only (not evangelical Christians) took up arms, and the war started. They had warned the Muslims that this would happen if they attacked again.

I will keep you posted as information unveils as report is very scanty following the 24 hours curfew.

God bless, Gabriel.

Christian Aid is responding with emergency aid to native missionary leaders. The aid will assist with medical care for victims and assistance to widows and orphans as well as rebuilding churches which were destroyed in the violence.

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