A Cry For Help From Our Brothers In Jos, Nigeria

January 29, 2010

The following letter was sent to Rae Burnett, Africa Director, Christian Aid Mission.

Dear Rae,

I just got back from assessing the situation under security escort. I am greatly dismayed at what I saw. Rows of shops of Christian traders burnt down and churches burnt all over Jos. A number of churches are yet to count their deaths as sadly some are still lying out there on the streets.

Many people believe that some political power is orchestrating and financing all of this as part of a strategic plan to Islamize Africa. We clearly see it throughout the continent. Muslims are flooding in money to buy land, businesses, and government officials.

There is no denying the fact that Muslims are also affected by the violence through the retaliatory activities of impetuous young boys seeking revenge. In contrast, most of them are armed with sticks and stones and petrol. Christian and Muslim leaders made a joint press statement to calm their respective constituencies, but this has limited effect so far.

Muslims have already carried false reports about the cause and nature of the conflict to the BBC and alleging hundreds of dead bodies of Muslims. With the curfew in place, it is very difficult to collate the exact number of Christian deaths and as I am sending this email, more Christians are being killed.

We have also found it difficult to make phone calls as the network is erratic. Thank you for your prayers and strategic help at this critical time. For now I and my family are safe at home under the 24hour curfew put in place by the State government. However, even in the middle of the night we are receiving SOS calls reporting outbreaks of violence.

Brother Gideon

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