Latest Update on the Violence in Jos, Nigeria

February 4, 2010

Rae Burnett, Africa Director for Christian Aid, sends the following report directly from her travels in West Africa where she has remained in close touch with ministry leaders in Jos, Nigeria.

The whole country of Nigeria is in turmoil over this and other problems-such as the President having been gone to Saudi Arabia for heart surgery since November. Marches and protests, demanding the rule of law, are taking place throughout the country with the exception of Islamic regions in the north. Christian Aid has first-hand information and photographs. Christian Aid Mission is a missions ministry. We are never involved in government issues, but it is hard not to say anything that hints of political problems because politics and religion are always connected if Islam is involved.

There seems to be an Islamic plan, very serious, and already in full motion, to Islamize Africa. Nigeria is the focal point because of its size and leadership in the continent, especially in all things Christian. Events in Jos are just a small glimpse of a much larger picture, and the Christians know it, especially in West Africa. They are calling out to us, their brothers and sisters who live in freedom, for help.

This is one of the many churches burnt by Muslims.

Soldiers have taken over Jos. Tens of thousands of people displaced by the violence are surviving in four encampments. Two camps in Islamic Bauchi State where Shariah law has been declared since 2001 are providing for the needs of Muslims. Most Christians remain in Jos, many packed into Christian school buildings and churches that were not destroyed. Others find shelter where they can. The situation is especially critical in Jos. Food and water are in short supply.

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