Flood Aid Rebuilds Homes

February 5, 2010

Thanks to gifts from concerned friends in the United States, construction has begun on replacement housing in some flood-ravaged villages of South India. The aid was given as Christian Aid supporters responded to appeals for help during terrible flooding there last fall.

Hastily made bamboo huts allocated during the emergency phase are now being enlarged and strengthened with durable building materials. Funds have already been sent to indigenous missionary ministries through Christian Aid, but with so many still in need, much more help is needed.

Because of Christian Aid´s unique relationship with indigenous ministries overseas, they are continually communicating the ongoing needs to Sarla and her staff. Christian Aid, in turn, promotes these needs to supporters in the USA. "Giving help to those in dire need is one way these ministries open new doors for the gospel," Sarla noted.

The ultimate goal of Christian Aid has always been to support the work of indigenous ministries who are presenting the gospel, and especially during these times of crises. Dr. Jesu Buraga of Andhra Pradesh writes, "We thank the Lord for your compassionate ministry that serves the servants. For we have great joy and consolation in thy love, because the bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee . . . (Philemon 1:7).