Urgent Message from Missionaries In Niger

February 8, 2010

Flooding and drought have resulted in famine conditions for millions in this desperately poor West African country. Children are especially at risk. Christian Aid´s Africa Director Rae Burnett, travelling in Central and West Africa, received this urgent cry for help from indigenous missionaries helped by Christian Aid in Niger.

Girls as young as 8 years old walk 4 miles in search of water. Some wells are over 200 feet deep, so fetching water can really be strenuous.

"In some areas we have had excessive flooding. In others we have had drought. The effects from both are the same: severe famine, threatening starvation for up to eight million people according to government sources."

The domination of Islam and generations of animism are a shroud of hopelessness over the country. Fewer than 1% of Niger´s 12 million souls know Christ. Most have never heard the name of Jesus. Christian Aid is in contact with indigenous missionaries who see this crisis as an open door for the gospel. A door that has always been closed, with the result that all 36 ethnic groups are unreached. Tens of thousands are streaming into the cities, worsening the emergency, but providing fruitful fields for fishers of men. These native gospel workers are crying to the Lord for the help they need to bring aid directly to those who are starving, both physically and spiritually.