Government Sponsored Cruelty Continues in Communist Laos

February 9, 2010

48 Laotian Christians, marched from their village at gunpoint, have been abandoned on the roadside three miles from their homes. Their return to home and family is blocked by armed police squads.

Despite human rights´ efforts to protect religious minorities in Laos through the UN backed International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, Laotian government officials continue violating the religious rights of Christians in Katin, Saravan.

Christian Aid has received yet another report in the on-going acts of cruelty toward Christians in Katin, Laos. This is the third urgent plea for help received within the past 12 months from a Christian leader in Laos on behalf of the group. Laotian Christian leaders are collecting funds to help the villagers build temporary shelters, and have asked for international help.

Since January 10, officials have stationed police at the entrance of Katin village in order to keep Christian believers out. Unable to return to their village, all 48 are internally displaced persons. Including women and children, they are forced to sleep on the ground in the jungles that surround their former homes. They were left exposed by the government without food, extra clothing, shelter, or any means of survival.

Christian Aid is responding with emergency aid to native missionary leaders. The aid will assist with medical care for victims and help rebuild broken lives and the local Body of Christ.