Help Native Missionaries in Need

Updated June 4, 2010

In early April 2010, a fire damaged part of their meeting place. It will take $5000 to rebuild a sturdy church building for these believers who are now forced to meet outside.

The ministry, located in NEPAL, started in 2000. They develop and train church leaders. During the last decade, 180 leaders and church planters were trained and sent back to their own villages to reach people groups such as the Kami. Since then 38 churches have been planted and over 50 fellowships started.

Sunwar, a former witch doctor, accepted the Lord after his wife was healed. He completed the training program in 2006 and started a fellowship in his home village. About 200 believers now gather on a regular basis.

Church meeting under a tree
Church before the fire
Burned church

NEPAL is also home to nearly 20,000 Tibetan refugees who have been resistant to the Gospel message. Many live in isolated villages and mountainous areas and they are hard to reach. Tibetan born native missionaries like Caleb travel to these difficult areas to show the love of Christ through education and health care. Caleb and his wife have brought 17 Tibetan children from these villages to be educated in the city. Knowing that their children are being cared for, the people are more receptive and open to the gospel.

Caleb takes clothes to distribute to poor villagers. While there he shares the gospel. Many hear the good news in their own Tibetan language for the first time, and one Tibetan man recently accepted the Lord Jesus through Caleb´s ministry...

Four times a year native missionaries return to reach Bhotias and ethnic Tibetans and provide Bibles, tracts and medicine. They show gospel films during their visits. The missionaries travel for two days on buses, and then walk for several days.

Many Tibetans are seeking spiritual renewal as the harvest is ripe! To continue with these vital outreach programs which are very effective, native missionaries like Caleb need our help. Each outreach program lasts about 20 days and costs $450.

Typical Tibetan village
Distributing tracts to villagers
Tibetan children

In SRI LANKA, native missionaries spend many hours traveling by foot to villages to share the gospel, plant churches and disciple new believers. The Lord has opened a door for several missionaries serving in Sri Lanka to begin evangelism in remote areas among Sinhalese and Tamil people. There is no public transportation to those places. Missionaries would be more effective if each had a motorbike. Help is needed in the amount of $1000 per motorbike.

Missionaries travel long hours to reach new villages.
Baptism of a new believer
Sharing the gospel in villages