Flood Devastates Sri Lanka: 500,000 Homeless

May 27, 2010

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka —Native missionaries say disaster relief is needed now for distressed Christians in Sri Lanka. Just off the southern coast of India, the island state of Sri Lanka was hit with a tropical storm on May 14 that caused massive flooding and displaced 500,000.

“Please help us,” says one indigenous leader, “many have lost everything, including their their houses, clothing and household items.” So far 28 are reported to have been killed by the storm, but half a million are in desperate peril—tens of thousands are starving and sick.

While the rain has dissipated, the future does not look good as this is only the early monsoon season; many more storms are expected in the months to come. One woman told reporters that this was not the first time they have been affected like this, but it´s probably the worst.

“Disaster relief is urgently needed now,” says Sarla Mahara, South Asian Director of Christian Aid, on behalf of indigenous Christian mission leaders in Sri Lanka. “Continued help will be needed as the monsoon season adds to our already devastated country in the months ahead.”