Devastating Floods Continue in Kenya

July 8, 2010

by Rae Burnett

Constant rainfall continues to cause massive damage in Kenya. Christian Aid received the following update from a Kenyan ministry leader:

In the Rift Valley, 500 families have been displaced by the floods that have destroyed human life and vegetation. Some of the displaced families are at risk for waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, malaria and typhoid. The hospitals are filled to capacity with patients suffering from these diseases. Many die before they can be treated with simple medication.

The daughter of one of our missionaries and the wife of another were hospitalized. We managed to pay some of these bills, but still have an outstanding balance of $800.

For several weeks, it was impossible for us to reach some of the villages where our churches are located. A main river overflowed and forced villagers to evacuate the region. Over 200 families are homeless, moving to higher ground. Some people have tried to put up small houses, but others could not. They need building materials so that they can do so.

In a certain area, the only bridge that connects two villages has been destroyed, so it was not possible for us to hold the crusade we had planned. Pastor John, who has planted three churches in one of these closed villages, said hundreds of people have been displaced and moved to higher ground. There is an outbreak of contagious diseases due to poor hygienic conditions in some parts. We need prayers and financial support to buy some tents, relief food, building materials, and medical supplies for these people. Pastor Christopher has moved to higher ground, but has not yet built any house. He and his family are being accommodated by a church member in a small hut.

The displaced people have no food, as all the crops which were ready for harvest, and those which had been harvested and stored in barns, were swept away by floods. This situation has affected the churches very much, as members must search for food daily. You find some in the nearby towns begging in the streets.

We need funds to send relief food to them ($35 for large sack of corn or rice, $50 for large sack of beans). Most children are suffering from acute malnutrition. The government tried to send corn, but the people who ate it became sick. We realized it was contaminated. They are also in need of bedding ($30 for mattress, $10 for blanket), mosquito nets ($10), clothing and medical kits ($75). A two-room semi-permanent house costs $1,800.

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