Pray and Act for Suffering Japanese

March 18, 2011

The Christian Aid relief co-ordinator for Japan is calling Americans to pray and collect aid this weekend for families from Fukushima who lost loved ones in last week's killer quake.

Christian Aid Mission is sending the aid to Japanese believers working among residents evacuated from the nuclear reactor town on the northeastern coast. Fukushima is located just below the epicenter of the quake at Sendai.

"Christian Aid is sending financial assistance to provide basic needs and to give Christians the resources to reach out to the unbelievers around them. At this critical time, the Japanese people are seeking answers and looking for hope. With Christian Aid's help, local believers are able to provide comfort, encouragement and hope through Jesus Christ.

"As physical needs are met through generous gifts sent from all over the world, there is a still special role that Christians have in enabling Japanese believers to show their fellow countrymen how to have peace with God. In times of crisis, the needs of the spirit are always far deeper than the physical needs. Even if it were possible for Japan to be totally restored, the spiritual cries of people's hearts would remain.

"Japan has been resistant to the gospel. Pray that God will pour His love upon these people and they will come to know a love that is deeper than their present sorrow."