Massive Flooding Hits South Asia as Christian Aid Seeks Help for Victims

August 25, 2011

Indigenous missionary leaders in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are facing emergency needs for aid to flood victims and asking for prayers and support from Christians in the USA. Almost 4 million people are homeless as a result of monsoon rains and flooding according to the South Asia Director for Christian Aid Mission in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over 100 were killed in floods over the weekend and many more may die in weeks to come from disease and malnutrition.

"Sometimes we feel completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of critical needs faced by evangelical ministries in poorer countries," says Dr. Bob Finley, Chairman of Christian Aid. "We send all the help we can for emergency needs as they occur, such as these brought on by floods in the Ganges and Indus river valleys."

Christian Aid has established an emergency relief fund to help local missionaries deal with this crisis (Gift Code 600DIS).

"The Christian ministries we are helping in this emergency were among the first on the scene and will be the last to leave," says Dr. Finley. "We can get the funds to them immediately by electronic transfers."

In Pakistan, where there are about 700,000 displaced persons in the Sutlej Valley and from a breached dyke in Bodin where 24 entire villages were submerged in just minutes, local missionaries want to provide 25-pound bags of rice, bottled water and storm tarps.

In Bangladesh, 1.25 million people are homeless, mostly in 13 southern districts that are already under water. Most have lost not only their houses but also food stores, the "tube" wells that supply safe water, and their vital system of dykes and levies that protect barns and other agricultural infrastructure. Over 115,000 homes have been lost or submerged.

In India, the worst flooding has been reported in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal where nearly 2 million people are homeless. Local believers say that they can purchase relief supplies locally as funds come from Christian Aid and some other priority needs are hygiene kits, mosquito nets, tarpaulin sheets and soap.

For specific projects and additional information, churches or individuals can contact with questions or comments. Emergency relief projects are available for individuals, church groups and congregations to adopt.