Native Missionaries Help Save Children at Risk in Guatemala

September 9, 2011

Rolando and Noemi Gonzales of Living Stones Ministry are very thankful to God for what friends in America are doing to help them save children at risk here. The Gonzales recently opened a new children's program for 130 needy children in Guajitos with financial assistance from Christian Aid Mission in Charlottesville, Virginia. Almost half the population is under 15 years of age, and millions of children are living in poverty. Many are being exploited and abused.

Child trafficking has reached epidemic stages in Guatemala. Over 15,000 children live on the streets of the capital city and many are abused and enslaved by illegal sweat shops, drug gangs and the sex industry. Christian Aid has set up a fund to help the Living Stones Ministry child evangelism outreaches. Contributions may be phoned in using a credit card at 800-977-5650 (Gift Code 176LSM) or online on this site.

"This year we are praying that the Lord provide for the children's school supplies, shoes and food," says Rolando. "Our children are growing in very turbulent times. Nowadays children are growing in a world saturated by violence, crime, hunger, drugs, prostitution, unemployment and abandonment."

"Our vision is that every child personally gets to know Jesus, that every child can learn to value the precious legacy that He gave to them, and that every child grows in loving Him," adds Rolando. "We ask you to continue praying for our ministry and help us find more American supporters who will work together with us to save the children for His glory!"

For specific projects and additional information about native missionaries in Guatemala, leaders of church groups or individuals can contact with questions or comments.