Ivory Coast Refugees Flee to Liberia

October 20, 2011

By Rae Burnett
Africa Director Christian Aid Mission

Rae has travelled extensively in Liberia and Ivory Coast and seen the work of this ministry first hand.

More than 1 million refugees have fled the Ivory Coast to escape the bitter civil war precipitated by the fraudulent election of French-backed president Alassan Ouattara.

Indigenous missionaries are working in the refugee camps, delivering aid and providing holistic help to the suffering victims. Christian Aid Mission, based in Charlottesville, Virginia has established an emergency fund to provide assistance. Contributions may be made online or by telephone at 800-977-5650 and should be designated to Gift Code 532CEFM.

Of the 1 million Ivory Coast refugees, approximately 200,000 have fled to Liberia, an extremely fragile country with its own history of civil war. The refugees have overwhelmed several villages.

James Cuffee, ministry leader of Christian Aid-supported Christ Evangelical Fellowship Ministries in Liberia is laboring to share the gospel with the many Ivory Coast refugees, almost all of whom are either Muslims or idol worshippers.

Since 1986, Cuffee and his coworkers have labored to bring the message of Christ to unreached tribes in remote regions of Liberia. They have planted hundreds of churches, provided care for hundreds of orphaned children before placing them in loving households, and opened a clinic to provide medical care to the many who are without access to a hospital.