More Indigenous Leaders Join Cries for Aid to Thailand Flood Victims

October 25, 2011

A growing chorus of indigenous leaders here are calling upon Christian Aid Mission to send more help for them to reach out to their suffering neighbors. "Thailand is experiencing its worst flooding in over 60 years," says one leader, "Nearly 30 provinces have been flooded with thousands losing their homes, churches and businesses. Over 300 have been killed in Thailand alone."

The Chao Phraya River continues to threaten the Thai capital as it has for over two weeks. It is an unstoppable wall of water that keeps coming and coming say observers. In nearby Myanmar, at least 100 bodies were recovered over the weekend from the Irrawaddy River which is also in flood stage. Hundreds more are missing and presumed dead.

The Southeast Asian director for Christian Aid says that there are also great needs in neighboring Cambodia. The huge deluge knows no boundaries or borders, and is turning the lower areas of Southeast Asia into a vast lake. Indigenous missionaries have organized a flotilla of small boats to deliver disaster relief along with a strong witness for Christ. They are being assisted with help from Christian Aid Mission of Charlottesville, Virginia, which has set up an emergency fund to send relief to the most affected areas.

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