1500 Attend Funeral of Native Missionary

May 18, 2011

Hundreds Respond With Joy and Tears as They Hear, for the First Time, that Jesus Christ has Defeated Death

by Rae Burnett

Jean-Batiste was preparing to become a doctor and eventually assume leadership of the ministry. The day after Christmas, he and a missionary team were readying the boat given through Christian Aid for ministry to previously unreached remote areas. Jean-Batiste was swept in by a strong river current, and he drowned.

Suleman Absoma

Pausing from his ministry to unreached tribes, Suleman mourned the loss of his son at a funeral intended to glorify Christ and demonstrate the assurance of eternal life to Muslim neighbors and friends.

But even Suleman was stunned when 1500 people came for the service. Most were unbelievers, among them many political and religious leaders including several imams.

“Mohammed never defeated death,” was repeated many times, as Muslims who had never heard the gospel before were astounded at this powerful message from Hebrews. Many in the crowd wept. Several requested Bibles. Some gave their lives to Christ. Others are coming still, days after, with questions for follow-up.

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