How Christian Aid Works with Overseas Ministries

May 25, 2011

Finding indigenous ministries

While visiting other countries, Christian Aid staff missionaries look for effective indigenous ministries already working among their own people. In addition, Christian Aid is frequently referred to new ministries by trusted missionaries whom we currently support. Often we receive letters or emails from groups that may have seen our website. In addition, many foreign ministry leaders visit our U.S. headquarters to introduce their work. To date Christian Aid has made contact with more than 4000 native missionary ministries.

Evaluating overseas missions

Before financially assisting an indigenous ministry, Christian Aid checks to see that it is Biblically sound, financially accountable, evangelistic in practice and has a good testimony in its country. Each ministry is checked to ensure that it is truly indigenous, not a branch of any foreign organization or denomination.

How finances are handled

Once a ministry is approved for support, Christian Aid staff seek to raise funds for it as a separate work. Contributions designated for a specific indigenous ministry overseas are distributed 100% to that ministry. No portion is retained for expenses incurred on behalf of that work by Christian Aid. Millions of dollars are disbursed to these ministries every year. All donors are invited to send along “something extra” with their gifts to take care of the operational expenses of Christian Aid. God has honored this policy, and has thus provided all the needs of the Mission and its consecrated staff of faithful workers for the past 58 years.

Maintaining financial integrity

For support to continue, overseas ministries must demonstrate that they are faithful stewards of the funds received from Christian Aid. Our staff regularly corresponds with these mission groups and requires consistent reports and updates of ministry activity, as well as a record of how the funds were used. Financial support is never sent directly to individual missionaries. Rather, the funds are sent to ministry leaders who then distribute support to their individual missionaries. At least two leaders of each mission are notified when funds are sent.