Christian Aid provides new boat and motor for gospel workers in Ecuador.

June 1, 2011

Leader Felix Valencia, wrote, “We do not have enough words to express our deep gratitude to Christian Aid who made it possible for our ministry to have a new 40 HP motor and a new fiberglass canoe. We named the canoe, The Sower (El Sembrador).

Ministry students in the new fiberglass canoe

For 16 years their ministry has been providing education to the neediest children in the Anchayacu area in Ecuador. Every year their ministry has an average of 180 students, and their purpose is to teach them Christian values and provide a high standard education. The new canoe goes every day to pick up the students to attend the ministry school, and this is the only transportation available for the children of remote riverside villages.

In addition, the new canoe is used to reach other riverside communities with the gospel and bring believers to their worship services. A few months ago they held an evangelistic crusade in their meeting hall and eight people accepted Christ as personal Savior. Also, during this time they have been teaching the basics of the Christian life to new believers, and as a result six people decided to be baptized. One man who was baptized is a Colombian who used to be a guerrilla with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the FARC), a designated foreign terrorist organization operating mostly in the canopied jungles of the upper Andes.