Christian Aid Begins its 59th Fiscal Year on July 1

June 22, 2011

For nearly six decades Christian Aid has provided a U.S. headquarters and support-gathering service for native mission ministries based in poor countries where local support is not available.

Currently they help over 800 ministries that deploy about 80,000 gospel workers, most of whom are winning souls and planting churches among unreached people in closed lands where American missionaries are not allowed to preach the gospel.

The Christian Aid staff works to find financial support for each of these ministries separately. Ministry partners have been faithfully sending missionary offerings for these pioneer works of God. And every gift sent and designated for any one of these 800+ ministries is distributed 100%, without deduction, to that ministry.

If a person sponsors a missionary or homeless child, every gift they send for that sponsorship is sent overseas 100% to the ministry which sends out the missionary or cares for the child.

Since Christian Aid sends millions of dollars every year to indigenous missions overseas, how do they pay for all the expenses involved in providing a U.S. headquarters for them? And for sending staff personnel overseas to visit their operations, observe the effectiveness of their ministries and verify the integrity of their leadership?

When most partners who have sent gifts designated for one or more of those 800+ overseas ministries and their 80,000 workers, many of them also send along something extra to cover headquarters expenses. Christian Aid staff truly thank God for their thoughtfulness.

Total administrative expenses come to about eight percent (8%) of contribution income each year. Christian Aid is believing God for total contributions of about ten million dollars ($10,000,000) this fiscal year ending June 30. With operational costs being 8% of that, it means they will need about $800,000 for expenses this fiscal year. Faithful supporters had provided about $500,000 of that amount by the end of April, so the remaining $300,000 is needed by June 30.

Join with Christian Aid in faithful intercessory prayer that many more of those who read this will be blessed by helping. Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE (Acts 20:35).