Ministry in Burma Baptizing New Believers and Planting Churches

July 13, 2011

This year one ministry in Burma has sent an evangelistic team to work among unreached people groups. One missionary conducted a crusade in a town where the people are nominal Christians. As a result of the crusade, 71 people received salvation and eight persons were baptized. Eight more people were baptized inside a prison after the missionary was able to enter the city prison and share the gospel.

Still another one of the missionaries planted a house church with a few new believers. They have outgrown the room in the house where they were meeting and desperately need a larger meeting place. The ministry bought a piece of land for a building in the middle of the town. They started constructing the foundation and the initial structure last year, but now their resources are depleted and construction has stopped. The members are praying that the Lord will provide the help needed to complete the building. Once finished it will attract many more people who are already curious about the building.

Financial and prayer support from Christian Aid have also helped this ministry in Burma to train future missionaries. Currently they are developing their Bible college library, and hope to start internet access at the library. In addition, as God provides, they plan to obtain at least 10 computers for students´ use.

The ministry can purchase Falam Chin New Testaments for $5 each. They plan to give these Bibles to poor believers who cannot afford to buy it. They estimate they will need 900 New Testaments during the remainder of 2011. An additional need is for a small offset printing press. They want to print gospel tracts and discipleship materials for the ministry because they do not have any available from other sources.