What is our Motivation in Missions?

August 17, 2011

When God Almighty looks down on this planet, He seeks a response from the people He has created in His own image. Most have turned to idolatry and are preoccupied with created things rather than their Creator. Covetousness (desire for earthly things or recognition) is idolatry as much as bowing to a Buddha (Colossians 3:5).

Because of idolatry, God created the nations at the tower of Babel. When He scattered them to the ends of the earth, He gave them up (Romans 1:21-25), temporarily. Isaiah 54 tells how the Messiah will regather them (see Galatians 4:27).

That´s why God called Abram and promised that through one (and only one: Galatians 3:16) of his descendants all nations would be blessed. Until Messiah came God´s witness on earth was limited to one nation. Looking down from the heavens He could say, My house sits in Jerusalem. There I have a people for my name.

But that was temporary, until the Seed should come through whom some from every nation will be redeemed. When He died for our sins and rose again, the time was fulfilled. Over and over our Lord repeated, all nations, all nations.

Not that every nation would be converted or Christianized. Just the opposite. He told His disciples they would be hated of all nations (Matt. 24:9). His purpose is to have a witness for Himself, a people for His name, in every nation.

That´s why the first church conference emphasized how our Lord was visiting the nations to take out a people for His name (Acts 15:14). The original word for church is ecclesia, meaning called out. Some from every tongue, tribe and nation.

So the purpose of foreign missions is to build the Lord´s house (made of living stones: I Peter 2:5) among those people and in those places where as yet He has no people for His name.