"Winning Souls and Planting Churches Among Unreached Tribes and Nations in Latin America"

August 24, 2011

Christian Aid began sending financial help to indigenous missionary ministries in Latin America in 1953, and has continued to do so for 58 years. Priority is given to those that are sending native missionaries to carry the gospel into jungles and mountains where isolated tribes have never had contact with the outside world.

These unreached tribes live mainly in the rain forests out of which flow the headwaters of the Amazon River, and also in the Andes Mountains of South America. In 1953 there were many unreached tribes in Mexico and the Central American countries, and Christian Aid continues to help ministries that have been plating a Christian witness among them.

In addition to helping the ministries that do pioneer work among unreached people groups, Christian Aid also helps ministries in Haiti because of the extreme poverty there, and also in Cuba where our fellow believers have been persecuted by Fidel Castro´s Communist regime for many years.