September 14, 2011

by Dr. Bob Finley
Founder of Christian Aid Mission

The explosive growth of indigenous missionary ministries is beyond the comprehension of most church people in America. Content to follow traditional methods of sending our own members abroad, churches are generally unaware that our Lord has moved ahead in world evangelization and left us far behind.

Christian Aid has contact with more than 4000 indigenous missionary ministries that have a combined total of more than 200,000 missionaries on the field. In almost every country, even those that are tightly closed to missionaries from the outside, our Saviour has raised up workers who are winning souls and planting churches.

Christian Aid is generally considered to have been the first missionary agency to see the potential of helping indigenous missions rather than the more costly method of sending Americans abroad.

Many traditional missions are spending $100,000 the first year just to send one American to language school overseas. That amount would provide full support for 50 local missionaries who already know their respective languages.

For 59 years Christian Aid has been seeking out indigenous evangelistic groups in unevangelized countries. Examining their beliefs and teachings. Checking their finances. Evaluating their leadership. Observing the fruits of their ministry. That´s how we know 200,000 native missionaries are on the field, even though half of them have no regular support. Our goal is to find churches and individual Christians who will give to supply their needs.