Help Christians suffering from devastating rains in Pakistan and India

September 27, 2011

Rain continues to fall and water keeps on pouring into Pakistan causing massive destruction to homes, crops and livelihood. In one of the areas where one indigenous ministry is working, 70 Christian families are completely surrounded with water. The place is only approachable by boat. They are just waiting for help.

Similarly in two other areas approximately 200 Christian families are suffering heavily. They are cut off with the rest of the population as roads have completely disappeared. They are struggling to survive. Starvation looms, and they are fighting against epidemics (Dengue Fever is spreading rapidly in the area).

In Orissa, India over 4000 villages and 3 million people have been affected. Scores of people, especially in the coastal regions, have fled for higher ground as many villages and roads were covered by flood waters. One mission leader reported to Christian Aid, “There are 500 believers who are in urgent need of food, plastic tarps to build make-shift homes, clothes, etc. All of them are from Hindu background and have come to know the Lord through our church planting program in the coastal districts. Please pray for us!”