Native missionary in Burkina Faso radically changed.

September 28, 2011

Maurice Sawadogo, well-known and highly esteemed in Burkina Faso, proudly told Christian Aid Africa Director, Rae Burnett, of the 72 churches he planted and turned over to local denominations. Energetic and zealous, he had little understanding of true discipleship and the nature and purpose of the Church.

But after Rae sent him to Christian Aid-supported Africa School of Missions for leadership training, his whole view of his life and ministry was radically changed. He learned that “church is neither a building nor a meeting, but men who have the life of God and come together to share that Life as part of the body of Christ. Discipleship is simply following Jesus through the life of the Cross by ‘denying yourself daily’ (Matthew 16:24) so that Christ can be formed in you, and then leading others to that same Life. Making disciples is the work of the Church.”

Now Maurice´s vision for his nation is focused. After returning from ASOM, he trained his wife and eight ministry workers in the principles he learned. Today, 52 coworkers are sharing Christ with 14 unreached tribes in Burkina Faso.

Because of the low literacy rate in Burkina, 61% for men and 83% for women, Maurice is burdened to teach people to read, using literacy centers as a platform to share the gospel. Between January and April 2011, Hope of Glory Ministries opened four literacy centers and taught 76 people to read and write.