God's Priority: Unreached People

December 14, 2011

To plant a witness for our Saviour within those nations where He previously had no people for His name hasbeen the top priority of Christian Aid for more than 50 years. It's the main point of foreign missions as revealed in the New Testament. God's Word is not man-centered; it is Christ-centered.

The purpose of missions is not primarily to save poor lost souls who might otherwise perish (although that is important). If it were, we don't need to go to foreign countries. Millions of lost souls are all around us. The original foreign missionary, though surrounded by unevangelized masses said, “I have no more place in these parts” (Romans 15:23). What did he mean? Simply that our Lord, looking down from the heavens, would find a people for His name in Ephesus, Corinth, Philippi, and all those other places where Paul had worked. Though small and imperfect, these groups of believers were each the temple of the living God in their localities.

In the days of Noah the human race had rebelled against our Creator to such an extent that He was sorry He had made us. Rather than try to win us back at that time He simply cleaned house and started over with one family.

The chosen family didn't turn out much better. Within a generation or two they had gone into idolatry, so “God gave them up,” temporarily. He confounded their speech and scattered them all over the face of the earth. The origin of the nations was at the tower of Babel.

But God held on to one nation as a people for His name, temporarily.

He called out Abram to father the select nation and promised that through one of Abram’s descendants some from all other nations would be brought back into the favor of God. As a seal of the promise God changed his name to Abraham, meaning “father of nations.”

For the next 2000 years the Lord could look down from the heavens upon this planet and find His name being honored by some of the Hebrews in Palestine. A majority were idolatrous and rebellious, as in the days of Elijah when only 7000 remained faithful. But God’s temple was built in Jerusalem, and even in far away Babylon the faithful prayed