Bookmark this catalog as your resource for giving to African native missions in 2012. Contact or call Christian Aid at 800-977-5650 for more information about the work of God in Africa.

Meet the practical and ministerial needs of a native missionary in Africa with a monthly sponsorship of $100. 500MSF

Send a native believer to a School of Missions for one year ($600) 500SOM

Build a mission base that enables native missionaries to live among those they are evangelizing and discipling ($2500-$6000) 500MEF

Enable a native missionary to open a "tent-making" business to become self-supporting and be integrated into the community they are trying to reach with the gospel ($2,000). 500AIM

Supply a medical kit to poor villagers without access to a clinic ($75) 500MEF

Provide relief to victims of famine or drought ($40 for a bag of rice) 500DIS

Drill a well to provide one or more villages with clean drinking water ($2000) 500WELL

Provide a video projector and screen to show gospel films to villagers in remote regions ($1500) 500MEF

Build a simple meeting shelter for a community of new believers ($1500) 500MSF

Provide bibles to new believers reached and discipled by native missionaries ($10) 500BIB

Make the Word of God wonderfully accessible to the illiterate by providing audio Bibles ($15 each) 500BIB

Provide a plot of land for an agricultural project to support gospel workers ($500) 500MSF

Provide a sturdy 4-wheel drive vehicle to transfer missionaries, equipment, and supplies to unreached villages. ($15000 - $25000) 500MEF

Provide a boat to enable missionaries to cross rivers or reach remote islands with the message of Christ. ($800-$5000) 500MEF

Supply a motorcycle to a native missionary who must travel to remote villages to share the gospel($1000) 500BYCM

Equip a missionary with a bicycle to increase the number of villages he can reach each week. ($150) 500BYC

Support a nutrition center that feeds and disciples 50 children ($500 per month). 500AIM

Provide food, clothing, education, and the knowledge of Christ to a needy child with a monthly sponsorship of $35. 500RCD

Provide native missionary families with income-generating domestic animals (goat:$45, cow:$130) 500MSF

Provide books and school supplies for a child being educated by indigenous Africa ministries ($80 per year). 500RCD

Provide vocational training for ex-prisoners being rehabilitated by indigenous African ministries ($500 each) 500MSF

Provide basic necessities to persecuted believers being sheltered by underground indigenous ministries in North Africa ($300 per month) 500MPB

Provide a camel to a North African missionary reaching Islamic nomads in the Sahara Desert ($1500 each) 500MEF