Nigeria: Believers Gunned Down "while their eyes were closed in prayer"

January 18, 2012

By Rae Burnett
Africa Director Christian Aid Mission

First-hand report of a native missionary ministry leader supported by Christian Aid.

I received this message on 16 January from an indigenous missionary ministry leader supported by Christian Aid. He had called me late at night on 6 January to ask for prayer. He and his family were behind locked doors with others from the ministry, keeping vigil so they would not be slaughtered in their sleep.

"We could never have imagined what would happen next when those two buses drove into town filled with Boko Haram Muslim fanatics. Authorities did nothing, and the next day, two of their young men on a motor cycle sped toward the Christ Apostolic church, raised their AK47s, and coldly and brazenly opened fire on believers gathered for prayer. Twelve people were killed, openly gunned down in daylight, while their eyes were closed in prayer. Twelve died, including three Christian brothers who support our missionary work. Anyone could be a target as it is now. We have no weapon but prayer, and we want you to join with us as the Lord and His kingdom are attacked."

In the face of the escalation of violence, some nominal Christians are threatening a bloody “eye for an eye” retaliation if the government continues to do nothing.

“Pray for our missionaries serving in the Muslim north,” the leader writes. “More than 40 Christians in the region have been killed in a single week by the Islamic militants.”

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