Nigeria Terrorism Update: Bloodiest Boko Haram Attacks Yet

January 25, 2012

By Rae Burnett
Africa Director Christian Aid Mission

A Native ministry leader supported by CAM writes:

"On January 20, multiple bombs rocked Kano as Boko Haram sprayed gunfire on 8 government sites. So far more than 200 people have died, many more are injured. Pray with us that this violence and hatred does not reach the areas where our missionaries live. We are concerned about our work among Muslims."

An official laments, "Hospitals are not equipped to deal with the influx and severity of the injuries, so we are expecting that figure to increase."

With a population of 10,000,000, Kano is not only Nigeria's second largest city, it is an important ancient Muslim stronghold, known as the gateway of Islam into sub-Saharan Africa. A major part of the problem is the large number of sect sympathizers in every branch of government and the security agencies, some of whom even provide funding for the group. The number and intensity of Boko Haram attacks is escalating dramatically. They are succeeding in their efforts to produce nationwide terror among Nigerians from every religious background.

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