Lao Officials Demand Christians Renounce their Faith

March 2, 2012

Village officials demand that the Christians forsake Christ or be expelled from their village.

Hueygong Village, Pakoo District, Luangprabang Province

On February 18, 2012, the Hueygong village chief, Mr. Khampeng, and the Saysawang sub-district police chief, Mr. Sompon, issued an expulsion order against ten Christians families, consisting of approximately 65 believers. Eight of the ten families became Christians three months ago. Christians now are holding worship services in the home of their leader, Mr. Jar-Yang.

According to the order, Christians have until March 18, 2012, to recant their Christian belief or else be expelled from their village. Local Christians are uncertain whether officials will use force to follow through with the order.

The expulsion order came shortly after the Pakoo district government refused to recognize the presence of Christians in its district—even though eight Christian churches now exist there. Prior to the order, district officials requested the Christians to report the number of believers and churches to the Pakoo district government office in order to obtain permission to be Christians.

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