Native Missionary Ministry in Danger Zone as Nigeria’s Boko Haram Calls for “WAR” on Christians

March 6, 2012

By Rae Burnett, Africa Director for Christian Aid Mission

International news website, Bikyamasr, posted this article by Nigerian David Eto on March 4:

LAGOS: A Nigerian spokesman for the Islamic militant group Boko Haram told on Sunday that they are planning a “war” on Christians in the next few weeks.

According to the spokesman, speaking via telephone from northern Nigeria, the group “will launch a number of attacks, coordinated and part of the plan to eradicate Christians from certain parts of the country.”

The militant group has called for an Islamic state in Nigeria and has claimed more than 1,000 lives since mid-2009, including more than 300 this year alone.

The location of an indigenous missionary ministry in Nigeria that Christian Aid has supported since 1986 is well-known to all. In spite of its location in an Islamic state, it has never been in danger of violence until the past few months when aggressive terrorist attacks have become bolder. With this new threat to focus on Christians, the need to relocate ministry headquarters has become critical.

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