More Refugees Flee Syrian Killing Fields

March 15, 2012

LEBANON - Still mostly ignored by international news coverage, the trickle of refugees from the killing fields of Syria is turning into a flood. "The number of refugees is growing daily, mostly women and children," say indigenous leaders here.

In order to collect more help for the innocent victims in Syria and the other frontline border states, Christian Aid has set up a special emergency fund: Gift Code 400REF. Contributions to the special fund are being sent 100% to the Middle East to provide Arabic Bibles, food packages, mattresses, warm clothing and shoes. Credit cards contributions are accepted by calling 800-977-5650 or by giving at our website.

Feeding and housing one refugee family costs about $130 a week in temporary shelters - the cost of food alone is $70 a week. "While American Christians have seen the news about Syria, they have not been informed about these needs and ministry opportunities among the refugees," commented the Christian Aid staffer.

Bedouin Refugee Numbers Growing

"An amazing number of Bedouins are coming to believers for help," says the Christian Aid Mission spokesperson. In Jordan alone, there are over 17,000 Bedouin refugees and over 10,000 in northern Lebanon. Over 100,000 more refugees are expected in Jordan.

Many of the survivors are displaced Christians seeking refuge in Wadi al-Nasaria (Valley of the Christians) near the Lebanese border or in Damascus which has a large Christian population.

"God uses times of crisis to soften hearts to the gospel," added the Christian Aid staff spokesman. "This may be a time of harvest among Muslim and Christian refugees. God is sovereign. He cares for Muslims. Countries in the Middle East are going through great upheaval. Now many Muslims are turning to Christ. Maybe the long turmoil in Syria is God's way of bringing this about.

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