Laos Padlocks Another Church At Start of Easter Services

April 6, 2012

KHAMNONSUNG, Laos – Laotian officials, who were in town for three-days of anti-Christian indoctrination, rounded up 136 local Christian families here during the Holy Week, and confiscated their church building on Good Friday eve.

Believers told the Southeast Asia director of Christian Aid Mission in Charlottesville, Virginia that they planned to continue Easter services in their homes despite government harassment.

The Khannonsung Church has been thriving for decades and the current church building was constructed by the local believers in 1968, which was before the communists took control. Except for a brief effort to get believers to recant of their Christian faith from 2000-2002, the communists have allowed the church to remain open.

However, local Christians say the officials have discriminated against the Christian minority ever since taking over the district, harassing believers, and illegally arresting and detaining Christ-followers. Beginning last September, they started to evict Christians from their churches and homes and padlock buildings. To help, Christian Aid has sent support to Laotian believers evicted from their homes and churches.

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