Christian Aid Sends Relief to Syria through Lebanese Indigenous Ministries

June 04, 2012

DAMASCUS, Syria – Native missionaries went ahead with plans to baptize new believers and delivered food packages to suffering Christians in Syria over the weekend.

House meetings were held for 600 believers to encourage and comfort them, and distribution of aid and supplies was conducted by missionary visitors who crossed the border from nearby Lebanon.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

"Pray that the Lord’s peace will cover the country and that the killing of those who are innocent will end," said a missionary leader who asked that his name not be used for security reasons.

A special fund has been set up by Christian Aid coded 400REF to aid the Syrian Christians during this time of crisis. Offerings for the suffering believers of Syria are being collected by phone at 800-977-5650 or at the Christian Aid Mission website

The leader asked American friends to continue to help and thanked Christian Aid for sending support. "Please pray for all those things that I am trying to put together for the new Syrian believers."

For more information about indigenous missions in Syria, contact Christian Aid at

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