URGENT: Native Nigerian Missionaries and Converts Trapped and Under Siege From Muslim Terrorists

By Rae Burnett, Africa Director for Christian Aid Mission

The whole world watches as Boko Haram increasingly terrorizes Nigeria with the stated purpose of establishing Sharia Law. They are well-funded and heavily armed with sophisticated weapons and bombs. No one doubts that they have outside support. It is obvious that federal, state and local governments will look the other way as they follow their path of murder and destruction of property.

Today, I received this report directly from a ministry leader who has been my friend since 1996. The ministry name is not mentioned for security.

Terrorists have struck again. This time we had to evacuate our missionaries from Kandawa fields as Muslims militants discovered the work and threatened them. Right now we need your prayers as Chris (the overseer of all ministry work in the northern Islamic area) is still trapped in the fields with several missionaries, some with infants.

More than 65 people are already confirmed dead. A 24 hour curfew has been declared, and we do not know how to reach the converts in the war zone.

We are so grateful for the property Christian Aid enabled us to buy, but we must have resources to build our simple headquarters and a place to help these victims of terrorism.

Thanks for your prayers for Nigeria and others around us.

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