Update Nigeria: Native Missionaries Rescued; Another Mission Base Under Terrorist Attack

By Rae Burnett, Africa Director for Christian Aid Mission

Just as word came that native missionaries under siege last week had escaped from Muslim terrorist murderers, gospel workers from another mission field called in to report that they are now under attack:

Dear Rae,

Just as I am writing this evening, a whole village in southern Kaduna is fighting. We have five missionaries there now whose work among local unreached Muslim tribes has been very successful. They are helping to comfort and shelter unprepared villagers who fled in terror as heavily armed Muslim militants invaded without warning. No police or soldiers have come, and it is doubtful they will.

When the killing began in the main city, Muslims in the small town started intimidating our people. They told them to leave or be blamed for the killing because we are making their people Christians. The village chief has welcomed and accepted our people, but he was afraid of the militants, so we temporarily retreated the missionaries. Many people died near them, and they admit that they were afraid.

There is still much good news.  All our Muslim converts on whose account we are being asked to leave are secure and protected now in our discipleship center. The chief wants us back when he knows it is safe.

The work has been so successful, beyond what we could ever have imagined, but that has given us such huge challenges.

The discipleship center for Muslim converts needs mosquito nets, school supplies for the children, and medical supplies. We are caring for many wounded in this war. We are committed to reaching the militants, and some few have left and joined us. We are discipling and protecting them in secret.

Pray for the peace of these areas and our country.

Signed, missionary leader, Nigeria

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