Nigeria: More Than 50 Pastors And Missionary Leaders Murdered So Far

By Rae Burnett, Africa Director for Christian Aid Mission

My Dear Sister and Friend Rae,

So far 2012 has been very turbulent in our mission fields in the Muslim north of Nigeria because of the militant terrorists that have dominated the area for months. We thank you for your prayers and financial help for the work and for those who have been victimized by these brutal attacks.

We are determined to make sure the Lord's work goes on in the midst of opposition.

The fields in Kaduna and Kebbi were affected during the latest crises that saw more than 400 people dead. We had to evacuate our staff in these areas with intense difficulties because of the Islamists who were invading the areas.

As you know, our work has now expanded geographically to cover most of the Islamic north of Nigeria. Because of the intense danger as well as Adamawa's location in the extreme east of the country, we know that it is time to move our national base to a safer, more centralized location. The problem is the expense.

The situation is so urgent as we have all been traumatized for the fact that these terrorists are targeting church and missions leaders in the North east. More than 50 pastors and missionary leaders have so far died of this persecution which the federal and State governments seem helpless.

It is essential that new believers in radical Islamic environments be relocated for a time for both their protection and their growth in the Lord. The center is located in a safe area with no Muslim sympathizers.

Some of these converts lost their families for becoming believers. Some are couples who both embraced the truth and were ostracized. We need to send their children to school and help their parents to be self-supporting when they leave. They have left everything they had lived for and have to start life afresh. Some decide to be missionaries back to their own people and will attend the Hausa School of Missions Christian Aid recently helped us to start.

Thank you so much for sharing in His work among the nations.

Love In Christ, a Nigerian missionary ministry leader

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