Burma Missionaries Trapped in Midst of Ethnic Violence

July 17, 2012

RAKHINE, Myanmar - Christian Aid Mission is sending emergency aid to help rescue 17 native missionary families on nine mission stations who are suffering hunger and disease after weeks of bloody violence.

Fighting between two unreached people groups has slowed along the Burmese border with Bangladesh, allowing some aid to get through to the Christian villagers and missionary families trapped in the crossfire between Rakhine Buddhists and Rochingya Muslims.

Native missionaries have asked Christian Aid for urgent help; not only for the stranded missionaries, but for the unreached people groups they are serving. "The one thing that is most important is to show 'God's love in action' so that they may hear the gospel and feel God's love in this time of despair," said the local mission leader.

Local missionaries have called their effort the "God's Love in Action" campaign to reach out to the homeless, sick and starving. Over 90,000 villagers are displaced and over 2500 homes have been burnt to the ground since the violence began June 5.