Syrian Refugees in Dire Need

July 25, 2012

As the violence escalates in Syria, those who survive continue to seek refuge in other towns and villages inside Syria or flee to bordering countries. There are 1.5 million displaced people within Syria, and it is estimated that well over 100,000 people have fled the country. The number killed is somewhere "between 10,000 and 19,000."

Wherever they have been stranded over the past 17 months, their situations are dire. "They are eating poorly and sleeping on the arid, dusty ground. No clean water means they have nothing for drinking and baths are taken in polluted water," one ministry leader reported to Christian Aid.

Some of the refugee families in Lebanon were "fortunate" enough to find single rooms (no running water or toilet) and one indigenous ministry is helping to pay the $300 per month rental fees. Others rent a space under a stairwell or a storage closet in a factory. But they have no jobs and if they took any money with them when leaving Syria, it is dwindling away on items for survival, or spent entirely.

Christian Aid Mission is dedicated to helping indigenous ministries do the work of spreading the gospel among the unreached, while ministering to the real and practical needs of people suffering during crises such as these. Please specify gift code 400REF (Emergency Help for Refugees of the Middle East Conflict) to help with any of the needs mentioned in this report.

In the midst of chaos, people are receptive to hearing the gospel message and many have already accepted Christ as their Savior. One ministry is sending Bibles ($12), New Testaments ($4), and CDs ($1.70) back to Syria with refugees who are being returned to their country.

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