Bringing Good News to the Heartland of Kyrgyzstan

August 21, 2012

Nestled in the center of Asia lies the mountainous, landlocked country of Kyrgyzstan; once part of the Soviet Union. It is named after the native inhabitants, the Kyrgyz, and is home to over 80 distinct ethnic groups. Kyrgyzstan has the lowest GDP of any nation in Central Asia, the bulk of its people live in rural areas and are involved in agriculture.

Good News Mission of Kyrgyzstan has a heart for the various ethnic groups living in their country, and especially its young people.

One of the greatest difficulties GNM faces is the prejudice that most Krygz have towards Christianity. GNM workers report that outreach to children can help overcome this prejudice; their openness to the gospel enables relationships to form with otherwise closed parents. To this end, GNM has organized four Christian schools for children.

In May Good News Mission conducted an outreach mission among various villages in Kyrgyzstan. In one village, the ministry attracted more than 150 people. After the event many people asked the missionaries to pray for them, a welcome occurrence in a village whose school curriculum actively promotes Islam. It was an encouraging change from the previous year when some troublemakers cut down the tent where the outreach meetings were held. In the same month, GNM missionaries traveled to a village situated high in the mountains. They shared the Lord through preaching, performances and testimonies from believers. People were intrigued and became open for further communication. Later in July, the missionaries returned and focused on reaching the youth and children through meetings hosted in the town playground. Every week, GNM missionaries meet with various believers from the surrounding countryside, mostly young adults.

In August GNM plans on hosting another summer outreach in the mountains. Unlike many other Central Asian states, Kyrgyzstan has been remarkably tolerant of Christians. This is due, at least in part, to the culture of Islam among the Kyrgyz people. While being Muslims, they are heavily influenced by traditional shamanistic tribal customs, and thus are more tolerant of other religious systems. Recently, however, there has been a greater push by the state to encourage the growth of Islam. Good News Mission is continuing their efforts to bring the gospel to every village in Kyrgyzstan but they need our support as they strive to bring the good news of the gospel to the unreached.