Native Mission Groups Rush to Help Philippine Flood Victims

August 13, 2012

Manila – In the wake of Hurricane Gener a storm moved into the Northern Philippines August 7, dropping torrential rains and causing ten-foot deep floods. Many areas of Manila have lost electric power, a situation which is likely to continue for some time. Nearly one million people are stranded and there have been casualties. Thousands of people have fled to higher ground where relief aid is being airlifted to them.

Indigenous ministries are already responding to this latest disaster. They are contacting local pastors in the outlying areas of Manila where relief aid has not yet penetrated and are eager to distribute aid where it will do the most good. Native missionaries are not only distributing food and needed supplies, but intentionally sharing the love of Jesus Christ to the suffering. Churches are opening their doors in needy communities and housing flood evacuees.

Pray that the indigenous Philippine ministries will reach those who are most needy with food and supplies, and doors will open for them to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who are starving for the Truth who can save their souls.