300 Laotian Believers face eviction from Nongpong Village

August 28, 2012

Mr. Bountheung is an indigenous missionary who moved to Nongpong village 10 years ago to become a part of the community and reach out with the love of Christ. He built a house, worked the land, and carried out the duties of a good village resident.

But this year he has been interrogated three times by village officials, forced to sell his property and finally arrested.

What is his crime? He is a faithful Christian witness in a part of Laos that is particularly hostile to Christians. Authorities view him as a propagator of a foreign religion that is subversive, and not "beneficial to the country and people" of Laos.

Mr. Bountheung is not the only victim of persecution in Nongpong village. Through his witness, 300 of his neighbors have also come to know Christ and regularly meet in their homes for worship. Now these 300 believers must either renounce their faith or be permanently evicted from their village and driven into the jungle where they will have to survive on their own.

Christian Aid is responding with prayer and financial support for native missionary leaders. The aid will help persecuted believers rebuild in the event that the eviction is carried out and they have to leave everything behind.