Refugee Surge in Jordan Overwhelms Indigenous Missionaries

August 30, 2012

MAFRAQ, Jordan – Jordanian native missionary leaders say they are being overwhelmed by a new surge of terrified Syrian refugees.

"They are coming under the fences every night, 2500 to 3000 at a time since the border with Turkey closed two days ago," says an indigenous leader of one of the main mission groups who asked not to be identified for security reasons.

"There are already 180,000 refugees here from Syria and they are growing every day – this is a very, very intense time for us." The Christians are responding as good Samaritans to the desperate refugees, helping them find food and shelter. Most are women and children.

He asked Christian Aid Mission and others in the USA to help send more immediate financial aid so that food, medicine and clothing can be purchased on the local market for free distribution to the refugees.

"The refugees are only dressed in light, summer wear and have nothing but the clothes on their backs," said the native missionary. "They don´t want to enter government camps where there is food and water shortages. Instead they are coming to us for food and clothing."

A special fund has been set up by Christian Aid coded 400REF to aid the Syrian Christians during this time of crisis. Offerings for the suffering believers of Syria are being collected by phone at 800-977-5650 or you can donate below.

"We want to thank you Americans from the bottom of our hearts," said the Jordanian native missionary. "Your prayer and support is helping us befriend, love and supply aid to these people. Discipleship requires an investment of time, resources and courage – which we trust the Lord to provide to us."