In the Midst of Syrian Chaos, the Lord Provides

September 17, 2012

There have been demonstrations and protests in Syria for the past year and a half, igniting a civil war that has grown larger and bloodier. What began as a trickle of refugees fleeing the violence has become a flood. And it is expected that the refugees will greatly increase in the next few months.

The impact of Syrian refugees has been felt by indigenous mission groups in surrounding countries. In Lebanon, one such ministry has seen thousands of Syrian refugees either settle into public schools temporarily or move in with Lebanese relatives. The school year is scheduled to start in September and no one knows what will happen.

An Indigenous mission group in Lebanon is attempting to find a way to educate the children of Syrian refugees in its private school. The children would receive a solid education which includes biblical teachings. Currently there is only enough space for 180 refugee kids.

In Jordan several churches, Christian organizations, and individual volunteers are coordinating their efforts to reach out to the refugees. These volunteer groups are providing basic materials to help refugee families who have lost everything.

Indigenous groups are providing as much material aid as they can but believe that sharing the Word of God with these refugees is the best thing to give, especially when people need help.