In Spite of Horrific Violence, Syrian Believers Spread the Gospel

October 12, 2012

An indigenous minister relates his story of helping several families escape the violence:

"Last night I received a phone call to get some families out of Syria because they were in danger," he says. "Their village had been looted and burned. They had escaped with nothing but their lives. They had gathered near the border of Lebanon, but couldn´t cross because the road was guarded.

This has been a normal practice of both the government soldiers and the rebels. As they approach a village, the people know they need to flee or get killed. There is no police protection because all who are loyal to the government are busy fighting.

The rebels had approached this village and had begun to kill anyone they found, whether children or adults. These extreme Muslims are killing people like crazy. They killed hundreds in this village, they stole anything they could find of value, and then burned everything to the ground.

At 2 a.m. I drove through the Bekaa Valley and then north to the border of Syria. The believers were waiting for me on the other side and we communicated through our cell phones. They were stuck in Syria with roving mobs of fighters looking for people to kill and to steal from. Since the road out of Syria was blocked, they did not know what to do or how to cross the border into Lebanon.

I snuck into Syria through private roads and walked until I finally found them. We had to go way out of our way because we could not go on the regular route. I took the families and started heading back to Lebanon.

Suddenly we started hearing gun shots and began running. I looked around and saw one of the Christian brothers on the ground. He instantly died with his three-year-old daughter in his arms. I picked up his little girl and started running as fast as I could. I started praying with all my might, shouting, 'Lord! Please, we need you!'

As I finished praying, I felt something burning on my left arm. After three hours of running and walking, we finally reached our destination. I did not check it until I arrived at Qasir. Praise God, it was a small wound. The bullet had just grazed my arm. Praise God for His protection again and again.

Today I went back into Syria to see their village. I could only see it from a distance, but all the houses of the village were destroyed. They stole everything and then put explosives in all the houses and burned whatever they could not take with them.

Hundreds of Syrian refugees have come to us for help. We must take care of them but how can we do that? I don't know how we are able to help. I am doing my best, sharing everything we have. I am praying. This is all I can say. At this moment the only resources we have received are through the donations from Christian Aid and from my personal support. Whatever we have, it is time to share.