Forty Students Slaughtered in Terrorist Attack on University

Urgent Request for Prayer

October 02, 2012

By Rae Burnett

The identity of this ministry is not disclosed for security reasons.

Dearest Rae,

This is a picture of native Koma children some 30 years ago when the tribe was discovered hidden away in the treacherous Nigerian mountain range bordering Cameroon. Since 1976, Christian Aid has provided assistance to the indigenous Nigerian ministry dedicated to reaching this primative tribe, and thousands have met the Lord through their work.

Last night, just a few miles away from our headquarters, the militant Islamist Boko Haram group stormed a university dormitory. They rounded up students in hostels and shot 40 of them to death. The ministry sent several native village children from Koma Hills to school there. It is so important for them to receive a good education, and we have tried hard to get the funds needed for their support. I am so grateful to Christian Aid for making their schooling possible. Now, we are waiting to hear if they are still alive.

Everywhere here in Adamawa State is now under curfew. The soldiers had taken over that town a few days ago, but in spite of their presence, the terrorists struck in the dark of night. They also attacked homes and killed the families.

In the mean time, our missions stations in Adamawa, Taraba and Niger States have been devastated by flooding. Our staff have been evacuated. It was an emergency situation, and there is no way now to go in to save any possessions. Will send you pictures on that.

Please pray for Nigeria and Adamawa State. Pray that we will have wisdom to minister Life in the midst of the terror.

In Him,

Nigerian ministry leader

The Africa Division of Christian Aid has set up a fund to support the missionary work of native ministries in emergencies such as war, famine and flooding. Let us not miss these opportunities to minister in Jesus' name and bring many into the kingdom who would otherwise never hear the gospel. Please contact Christian Aid at or call 1 434 9775650 if you have any questions about the work.