Rakhine Update

November 09, 2012

Recently indigenous missionaries working in Rakhine, Burma had the opportunity to share God´s love by distributing food to victims of violence who had been trapped in a crossfire between Rakhine Buddhists and Rochingya Muslims along the Burmese border with Bangladesh. Later they were able to hold an evangelism rally at a nearby village, where several came to faith in Christ.

Arriving at the above village, the missionaries were warmly welcomed by inhabitants wearing their native dress.

The missionaries shared the Gospel during a public worship service and eight young people dedicated their lives to Christ.

Thanks to gifts from Christian Aid donors, indigenous missionaries were able to host a youth camp in the forests of Myanmar.

A native missionary working in Rakhine gives thanks for the generous donotions of believers in the West saying

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks for your gifts. It encourages us, so I never get tired of thanking you for your support. And also we remember you in prayer and thank God for your part in our mission work. We appreciate your trust in God and decision to support us. We couldn´t do it without partners like you. We appreciate your sacrifice to give so generously to this ministry. We know that your help and prayer effected our Rakhine ministry and God did amazing things. Now, God is calling me to conduct camp meetings in two places in Rakhine State during November. Please pray for our ministry in Myanmar."