Syrian Brother Martyred

October 19, 2012

Sami, a Syrian Muslim Background Believer and church leader was killed by a marauding militia earlier this month. He was supported by Christian Aid and always very grateful for it.

This brings to 11 believers killed from this one ministry area in Syria. Many believers have fled to Lebanon. There are 32 Christian families left in Syria in this area that need to find a way to Lebanon.

The following is a letter from a native believer sent to a missionary along with his response.

Dear Pastor Ammad,

It is with great sadness that I write this email to tell you about brother Sami and his wife and three children. We were meeting for worship in his house church. Yesterday a group of fanatic Muslims came to our meeting. They broke down the door and started to shoot all over the place. We were afraid. They said we have to stop meeting and start praying to Muhammad and that we were all going to hell. Then they asked us to leave the house and told Sami to stay with his family. We left the house. We heard people shouting and then they killed Sami and his family.

We are scared brother. It was better when you were here. You gave us hope and now your brother Sami is dead and his family. What shall we do? The brothers here are afraid and we have no more houses or food or anything. Why is Jesus not coming soon to take us home?

We love you pastor Ammad but we are afraid. Please tell us what to do.

How should we bury him without you?


To my dearest church,

It is very, very sad to hear this news, My heart is breaking for all of you.

Sami and his family are with Jesus now and they are rejoicing with Him now. I know it is sad on all of us but we have to continue in faith like we always did.

I want you all to leave and go to Lebanon. I will do my best to find places for your families. I will ask brother Ahmad  to take care of Sami. Please Haddad. Take the rest of the families and go as soon as possible.

I will try calling you soon to tell you what to do. You need to be strong and focused so we can move forward, especially during these difficult times.

Remember brother that Jesus has been through death and overcame it with His resurrection. Remember that we will all be with Jesus and we are not afraid to die for His glory. Sami was a man of God and loved Jesus with all his heart.

Honestly I am not able to write much now but I will call you tonight.

Use the number I gave you.


There is an urgent need to help Syrian believers escape the violence; they will all be dead if they stay. Then the need will be to find housing and take care of them once they get to Lebanon. A small room rents for $600/month, sharing one bathroom and kitchen with the others in the house. Three or four families will live in a small room.