NIGERIA: Terror Increases Daily in Africa's Most Influential Nation

December 04, 2012

By Rae Burnett

Attacks are increasing and now occur almost daily with nothing to deter them. Nigeria is sub-Saharan Africa's most populous and influential country. An Islamic Nigeria would have a profound impact on the entire continent.

Christian Aid is helping indigenous Nigerian missionary ministries which are preaching the gospel and bringing Muslims into the kingdom of God, even in the midst of this nationwide fear and chaos. After 30 years of living peacefully among Muslims, one of these ministries finds its headquarters in an area targeted by these terrorists. None of the field missionaries ministering in danger areas is moving, but there is an urgent need for the ministry mission base to relocate to a safer and more centralized area to direct the work. Christian Aid has provided funds to buy the land. Now, $30,000 is needed for the first phase of building. This would enable the headquarters to move.

The Africa Division of Christian Aid has set up a fund to support the missionary work of persecuted native ministries. Let us not miss these opportunities to minister and bring many into the kingdom who would otherwise never hear the gospel. Please contact Christian Aid at or call 1 434 9775650 if you have any questions about the work.