Another Victorious Year

January 1, 2012

For more than 58 years Christian Aid has provided representation in the USA for indigenous evangelistic missions based in lands of great poverty. Most are in countries where American missionaries are no longer allowed to preach the gospel of Christ. Local support is not available in these poor countries. We know of tens of thousands of native missionaries who are out on the fields right now with no cash income. The work of many thousands of them has been greatly increased when their parent missions received financial help from Christian Aid.

The 823 missions to which we are currently sending support deploy more than 80,000 Christian workers who are winning souls, planting churches and bearing witness for our Lord Jesus Christ among people who have never heard His gospel before. Thousands more workers are now in training in hundreds of Bible institutes (151 in China alone) and missionary training schools assisted by Christian Aid.

When a contribution is designated for a specific ministry overseas, we send it 100% to that mission. No portion is retained by Christian Aid. Operational expenses are covered by contributions earmarked for these expenses, or by undesignated gifts.

More than 90% of all pioneer evangelistic outreach among unreached peoples is now being done by indigenous missions. Hundreds of these ministries have no source of support other than what they receive from Christian Aid. We are praying that many more of God’s people in America will give toward the needs of these pioneer works of God.

Christian Aid sends financial help to indigenous missionary ministries seeking to plant a witness for Christ within every unreached tribe and nation on earth.