Solar Panels Light the Way for Burmese Church Planters

January 11, 2012

Nearly 99 percent of all remote villages in Burma have no electricity. Because of this, church planters are unable to visit the villagers in the evenings for evangelistic outreach, follow-up or Bible study. But evenings are the only time these hardworking villagers are available since they work and perform their household chores during the daylight hours.

Rev. Kap Hnun told Christian Aid Mission, “I organize evangelistic crusades in remote areas. We hold as many as ten crusades per year. Even if we could afford to buy a generator (approximately one thousand dollars) plus the cost of the necessary gasoline, that still would not work. They are simply too heavy to carry for long distances.

“Most of our crusades are away from the villages so that other people will not be disturbed by our meetings, or tempted to disrupt them. The solar panel Christian Aid provided supplies the light we need to read and preach after dark!

“Another advantage is that they are light weight, which is important as we walk many miles carrying our personal belongings from village to village,” he added.

Solar panel sets that provide enough light for a house church (20 ft X 20 ft) can be obtained for $85. Additional light bulbs and electric wiring adds another $15; hence, the entire cost for one complete solar set with parts is $100.